Sales Terms and Conditions

Time: Bulls on display at 10:00am
Purchasing starts at Noon

Terms: Cash or Check
No bulls will be released until settled for and paperwork completed.

Once you have selected bull(s) of interest, you will then sign your name beside that bull's number on the master sheet. If there is more than one name on a particular bull, the bull will be sold to the highest bidder. If there is only one name on the bull, the bull is sold at base price. The buyer is allowed to pass on a bull if they have already purchased one, or waiting on a bull further on the sale order list.

The buyer assumes all responsibilities from the point of purchase.

Health: Bulls will be sold with a passing Breeding Soundness Evaluation, and
have been BVD/PI tested. At semen testing the bulls are vaccinated
with Vista 5 VL5 SQ, Vision 7, and poured with Cydectin.

Herd health is overseen by:
Dr. Brent A. Lower
Tri-Lakes Animal Clinic
9465 SE. 1300 Road
Humansville, MO. 65674


Jeff Reed (Cattle Manager) 417-399-1241
Brandon Atkins 417-399-7142
Cleo Fields 417-399-7124

Data Sheet on bulls will be available upon request.
Call Holly Hubert 417-733-0059 or refer to the website:
Videos will be live at a later date.

Refreshments provided. Come join us for a laid back auction, meet the ranch crew, and see what our genetics can do for your cow herd.

Email Address

Phone Number

(417) 399-7124

Location Address

RR 1 Cross Timbers, MO 65634